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TestMy.net has always provided an accurate speed test platform for consumers. Many things have changed over the years but older versions of TMN are still as relevant today as they were when they were released. Unlike most websites TMN doesn't hide its progression. You have the freedom to test with the older, lighter versions if you want.

This is an archive, please visit TestMy.net to see the latest version.

This is version 6.12 (late 2006) to use version 12.9 (late 2012) or switch back to the latest version click here.

Version 12.9 is not a standalone site, following the link will set a cookie in your browser that will tell TestMy.net to use 12.9 resources in conjunction with the latest core source. In this way you can still simply visit "TestMy.net" and it will default to the version you want. Some resources are shared between versions although the base code behind the tests and databases are completely separate from each other and 12.9 will remain in its final state. To unset the cookie and return to the current version simply click again or clear your browser cookies.

Note: In case you get lost a link back this page can be found in the footer of all versions.

A little history
As far as websites go TestMy.net is ancient. The name TestMy.net didn't come into existence until 2001 but the idea was far from new. The predecessor to TMN was created in 1996, originally named surftohere.com, it became wildly popular. So popular in fact it had to be shut down because the cost of hosting at the time was too great. I had Internet providers and hosting companies offer to host the service only to pull the plug when they realized the bandwidth needed. I tried to tell them in advance... It just wasn't financially feasible for my teenage budget, I guess it was an idea ahead of its time. I hid the tool and continued to develop it for my own use. Once the price of bandwidth came down to a reasonable level and true Internet advertising came into it's own the speed test was relaunched under the name TestMy.net. It's been evolving ever since.

With over 17 years of bandwidth testing experience TestMy.net's methods are finely tuned and unparalleled. Many of TMN's features have been copied by other websites but no other speed test works the same. Instead of testing through 3rd party protocols TMN tests directly through your browser. This makes it the most compatible and accurate speed test online. This is nothing new, it's been designed this way since day one so older versions of TMN yield the same accuracy.

I hope you enjoy and appreciate this website as much as I do. I originally built this for my own personal use to test my nifty new cable Internet. In the year 2000 I went on to work as a technician for the very same cable company and continued to develop the speed test to aid in my job. Now I develop TMN for YOU. It's the product of literally 10's of thousands of hours of building, testing, trial and error. It will never be finished and I wouldn't have it any other way.

- Damon Mueller aka CA3LE




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